Going beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary


Hinge Bio’s GEM-⁠DIMER™ platform is creating a revolutionary class of therapeutics

This technology uniquely enables (i) cooperative binding to disease targets allowing for orders-of-magnitude enhanced activity and (ii) greater degrees of multivalency and multispecificity than possible with conventional approaches, to produce molecules with entirely new functionality for superior safety and efficacy.


Hinge Bio’s technology is broadly applicable across the many different therapeutic areas amenable to biologics. Hinge Bio’s novel platform has yielded product candidates to address the problems of resistance, inadequate efficacy and side effects in the fields of cancer, inflammatory disease and infectious disease.

Hinge Bio is applying its GEM-DIMER technology to design and develop cancer therapeutics with greater functionality relative to existing product candidates. To date, existing antibody technologies are typically limited in the number and types of domains that can be mobilized against cancer. In contrast, a single multivalent, multispecific GEM-DIMER molecule may incorporate antibody and/or other protein domains that direct tumor targeting, T/NK/macrophage effector cell engagement and effector cell activation, as well as domains to localize activity to the tumor microenvironment.

Hinge Bio’s inflammatory disease strategy leverages the unique advantages of its GEM-DIMER technology to combine multiple existing antibody and/or other protein drugs into single molecules with enhanced functionality. These molecules containing domains from therapeutics with a well-established safety track record avoid the intrinsic safety issues of molecules incorporating newer, unproven domains. Hinge Bio’s GEM-DIMERs are intended to grow markets with enhanced efficacy, the ability to address non-responders, and intrinsic safety advantages.

In infectious disease, Hinge Bio’s GEM-DIMER therapeutic candidate, COVICEPT™, represents an entirely new approach to the treatment of COVID-19 by enhancing the broad therapeutic activity of the naturally occurring ACE2 receptor with multivalent SARS-CoV-2 spike binding interactions. These GEM-DIMERs show extraordinary intra-spike cooperative binding and potent neutralization of all major SARS-CoV-2 viral variants more powerfully than eight clinically authorized antibodies. 

Intellectual Property

Hinge Bio’s platform is protected by numerous issued patents and patent applications with broad claims covering novel compositions of matter and methods for their synthesis and use.